Monday, April 5, 2010

Breakfast for 2

Step 1.....

Step 2 .....

Step 3 .....
                                                       *I did NOT take these Photos.
                                                              Photo credit :My Mom

I am NOT going to take credit for these pictures because it was not me who took them. They were taken by my Mom :) She knows how much I love pictures of food that I get to eat :) It was just the two of us making Easter breakfast, Dad was golfing, one sister in Kansas and one sister gone for the morning. I love when I get to spend alone time with my mom, it’s when I feel completely content. She only makes these egg pancakes on special occasions just like her mom used to do for her. They are light, fluffy and sweet. When you serve yourself you twist the pancake around your fork so you end up with a big spiral. There is no need for butter, syrup and jam. In between all the delicious layers are wonderful layers of sugar :) They are a guilty pleasure but completely worth it. I recommend to anyone who reads this to find a recipe for egg pancakes and find out for themselves what I am talking about. I would give you mine but it’s a family secret (I think).


  1. I looked at my photos of these yesterday and thought - what can I do with these egg pancake photos?

    YOU created a marvelous post. Very nice writing! It was a family secret because Gramma Joy didn't have a recipe but "knew" how everything was suppose to "look." Cook by look? I don't think so.

    I have the recipe - from Susie, she found it in a Swedish cookbook - years later. Thanks for the special post. Love to you :-) Thanks for the photo credit :-)

  2. :)I do love spending time with you Mom. I can't wait to move home again and get to do it more often.

  3. you think? that domestic goddess mom of yours would share with me!! come on...give it up. tres chic, looking very crepe` suzette-ISH..

  4. Oh gosh - it's not a family secret recipe. It was a recipe that didn't exist because my mom, and her mom before just sort of figured it out with handfuls of this, and make it look like this - which never worked for the non-cooks in the family.

    Finally - one of my mom's cousins found a recipe that works quite well. Will write it up and get it to you!

    Oh- I see I already commented this about a month ago - silly brain!